Flue gas purification

Since the company´s foundation in 1986 the then PETRY ENGINEERING is represented in the branch sector of environmental technologies.
Especially the flue gas purification forms our main business in this branch.
The main reason for flue gas purification is to clear flue gas from all contaminents with ist primary goal to minimize environmental pollution created by the waste combustion process.
The entire process of flue gas purification usually is structured in the following steps:

With the dedusting, most parts of the dust are removed from the flue gas. This is realized by baghouse or electric filters.
The following process is the gas scrubbing to reduce the SO2 value.
Subsequently nitric oxides will be removed by a catalyst and the injection of ammonia water in the process of denitrification.
The final step is the charcoal absorber. Within this process step, the remaining parts of halocarbon and dioxins as well as the rest of quicksilver and other heavy metals are absorbed.
Based on our longtime experience we support you with the consulting, engineering and implementation of your flue gas prification plant with our comprehensive solutions.

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