What does Petronik Automation stand for?


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"Problem solving, that keeps the world revolving." For us, this not just a nice-sounding slogan, but the foundation of our daily work.

We are proud of our steadfast pursuit of new, innovative solutions that make a positive contribution to the development of the automation sector. This also means we are able to present the best possible solution for your project at any time and at any place in the world.

We are aware of the responsibility that the realization of complex and economically important projects demands at all times.

With this in mind, it is self-evident that the competent team at Petronik Automation sees itself not only as your service provider but also as your Partner.

It is always our goal to make "your" project "our" common project and to move forward with you as one team.

To move your business forward.
To motivate your customers.
And in so doing move the world forward a little too.

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